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Technical Session Series

Enabling Embedded System Designs

From 2nd JULY 2020

PHYTEC in partnership with silicon Industry Leaders is organising a series of Online Interactive Webinars starting from 2nd July  12 pm to 1 pm every Saturday. We believe the digital transformation to happen when your domain knowledge is connected with the technical expertise from Industry Experts.

We urge you to join the series of upcoming webinar sessions.

Computer Processor

Hardware Designs

Technical Sessions by Design Engineers

Circuit Board

BSP Software Development

Developing Custom Linux BSP for your custom hardware


Application development in the field of IoT

If you are looking for application development on Embedded Linux and Industrial Hardware.

Ongoing Events

TS 9.2  Device Driver.png
Device Drivers.png
Embedded System Architechture & eLinux B
Embedded System Architechture & eLinux B
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