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Smart Pulse Oximeter
ODM Design

Small size SpO2 OEM module is suitable for Oximetry applications with multiple connectivity option to choose from, such as USB, UART, BLE, Wi-Fi, LoRA & RF Mesh.

Utilize PHYTEC’s ODM design expertise to develop Made In India Pulse Oximeter within 6 to 8 weeks.

PHYTEC's Pulse Oximeter is provided as white label certified product, also offers customization requests as per partners need. Add Pulse Oximeter to your product portfolio with a hassle free ODM Design Service from PHYTEC.

Features of the Pulse Oximeter Design:

  • Real time transmission of pulse wave signal over UART, USB, WiFi, LoRA & RF Mesh.

  • High accuracy and reliability when low blood perfusion (0.075%),

  • Suitable for application in Home for family, OR, ICU & NICU.

  • Advanced anti-motion algorithm preventing interferences and false alarms

  • Small Size for easy integration and assembly (20mm x 50mm) 

  • Accuracy according to the requirements of Medical Standards

  • Support provided for product certification


Technical Specifications:

Electrical and Mechanical Specifications

  • MCU: RL78/G1

  • Sensor: RENESAS OB1203SD

  • Interface Options: UART, USB, WiFi, LoRA & RF Mesh (To be Selected before design)

  • Compatible with Linux, Windows, and Android

  • Voltage: +3V DC, offset voltage between ±10% of full range

  • Voltage Noise: < 50mV

  • Dimension: 20x50mm (Customizable)


Performances, Range and Accuracy


  • Range: 0 ~ 100%

  • Accuracy: from 70 ~ 100%, ±2%;

Heart Rate - BPM

  • Range: 25 ~ 250bpm

  • Accuracy: ±2%

Perfusion Index - rPI

  • Range: 0.075 ~ 20%

  • Accuracy: undefined

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