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ODM Services

PHYTEC is a reliable ODM Service provider for any of the Embedded product development starting from a basic Oximeter device to high end devices featuring image processing, AI/ML and Edge Computing. PHYTEC's 35 years of expertise working with more then 2000 customer globally brings ruggedness and reliable product development.


Smart Pulse Oximeter

Phytec’s small size SpO2 module is suitable for oximetry applications for integration on devices running with batteries. Multiple connectivity options to choose such as USB, UART, BLE, Wi-Fi, LoRA & RF Mesh.

ETM (Linux/Android)

PHYTEC brings ready to manufacture “POS Motherboard Solution” an ideal system that works on OS like Linux or Android. We provide complete manufacturing data like Gerber, BOM of the carrier board and full SDK in Linux QT or Android for the customer application development. PHYTEC can customize POS Motherboard as per customer configuration with minimum lead time

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