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Electronic Circuit Board

Tech Talk

Build your Custom Industrial IoT
BLE Gateway

Immerse yourself in innovation with our Tech Talk Series . Uncover the magic of constructing your custom Industrial IoT BLE Gateway. From hardware mastery to architectural brilliance, experience live demos that bring the future of IoT to life. Join us on  February 27, 2024 from 11:30 to 13:30 IST. Don't miss your chance to shape the next wave of technological evolution.

Session Outlines:

  1. Industrial Gateway Hardware: Architecture & Design:

    • Explore the hardware architecture of the BLE Gateway.

    • Discuss design principles that make it robust for industrial applications.

  2. BLE Profile & Use-Cases:

    • Uncover BLE profiles relevant to industrial settings.

    • Showcase real-world use-cases illustrating the versatility of BLE in industrial environments.

  3. Gateway System Software Components:

    • Dive into the software components that power the BLE Gateway.

    • Explore the integration of firmware and software for seamless functionality.

  4. Live Demos of Industrial BLE Gateway:

    • Conduct live demonstrations showcasing the capabilities of the Industrial BLE Gateway.

    • Illustrate interactions with beacons and sensor nodes in a practical setting.

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