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Electronic Circuit Board


Tech Day's 2023-2024

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Electronic Circuit Board
We're delighted to announce the revival of Phytec Techdays in 2023-2024, reigniting our commitment to innovation and collaboration within the embedded industry. After a successful launch in 2020, we are excited to reconnect with the vibrant community of professionals, visionaries, and enthusiasts. This revival is more than an event; it's a celebration of progress, a platform where ideas converge, and a testament to the dynamic evolution of technology. Join us on this journey as we unite the brightest minds in the embedded industry. Phytec Techdays will offer comprehensive teachings on various topics in Embedded Systems. 

Upcoming Phytec Techdays on Location

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Migrating product design  from RPi-CM4 to i.MX8 module

Immerse yourself in an illuminating journey in our upcoming webinar, "Migrating Product design  from RPi-CM4 to i.MX8 module." Explore critical facets of this transition, covering: 

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