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Open Session-17: LoRAWAN Eco-System in INIDA

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

Continue to the series of Open Sessions, the 17th one is about “LoRa“.

In this session let’s learn few important aspects of LoRa Technology which helps to build IoT Solutions.

Session will cover:

LoRa and LoRaWAN Introduction and Architecture

LoRaWAN Network Coverage in India, Public Network operators

Use Cases

Semtech LoRa IC Family/ Products

LoRa Edge, LR1110, lora transceiver with integrated Wifi and GNSS scanner

LoRa Cloud

1. In first half we can talk about the LoRaWAN ecosystem in India, stats about lorawan worldwide, available public network coverage: tata and senra, & module vendors presence, Talk about use cases, asset tracking, (contact tracing relevant to covid times) by Hari Venkatesh - FAE SEMTECH INDIA.

2. In the 2nd half we can talk about LoRaWAN architecture, Spreading factors, our chipsets family, SX126x , LLCC68, LR1110 and LoRa Cloud.  Focus on end nodes development. Resources for development, Semtech lora developer portal by Akhil Garg - FAE SEMTECH INDIA.

Leave you feedback the most liked part & any point to improve for future sessions by PHYTEC & Partners

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