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Porting Linux Kernel on New ARM Board

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

Technical Session-8 [ Enabling Embedded System Designs ]

Today many of the devices (Mobile, WiFi Routers, Smart TVs, Voice Assistant devices like Alexa, EV, Medical & Health care devices ...)   which are part of our daily life are based on Linux Kernel (may be with different names like OpenWRT, Android, Tizen, WEB-OS, Chrome OS ...). Let’s try to explore bit more deep in to the Linux kernel understand it and learn how to modify it to fit in to a custom made ARM Hardware.

Building Linux Kernel for a supported platform is very straight forward, very similar to the familiar "untar, configure, make" method used by many software projects. But if you wan to customize the Linux Kernel for your custom Hardware you need to know few important things which are discussed in this technical session.


  1. Linux Kernel Architecture (1)

  2. Kernel Code Walk through (1)

  3. Kernel Configuration (1)

  4. How to port Linux Kernel on Custom ARM Hardware (2)

  5. Understanding  & Implementing Device Tree (2)


  1. Kernel Compilation & Flasing on RuggedBOARD (1)

  2. Kernel Configuration Kconfig example (1)

  3. Adding a new driver in Linux Kernel (1)

  4. NOR Boot Vs SD CARD Boot (2)

  5. How to use TFT & NFS for development (2)

  6. Modifying Device Tree & Testing (2)

What you stand to Gain from this Webinar:

- Get a quick deep dive in to the Linux Kernel to understand and modify it for your custom hardware. 

- Post session you should be able figure out what and were to modify Linux kernel while porting on new hardware.

- Assured Post webinar Support.

- Training vedio's & data available online.

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