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U-Boot porting on new ARM BOARD

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

Technical Session-7 [ Enabling Embedded System Designs ]

The bootloader is the first code to run after power up or reset, and runs before any other software starts on a processor and starts a standalone application or an operating system (OS). A boot-loader (sometimes called a boot manager) is unique to the architecture of the embedded processor it runs on and includes some application specific aspects. Uboot is a GPL'ed cross-platform boot loader shepherded by project leader Wolfgang - Denk and backed by an active developer and user community.

U-Boot provides out-of-the-box support for hundreds of embedded boards(RuggedBoard, Beagel-bone and So on ) and a wide variety of CPUs ARCH including ARM, PowerPC, XScale, MIPS,Coldfire, NIOS, Microblaze, and x86. Building U-Boot for a supported platform is very straight forward, very similar to the familiar "untar, configure, make" method used by many software projects. But if you wan to customise the u-boot for your custom Hardware you need to know few important things which are discussed in this technical session. 1. U-Boot Architecture 2. U-Boot Code Flow. 3. How to port U-Boot on new ARM Hardware. 4. U-Boot commands (P) 5. Compiling u-boot & flashing it on RuggedBOARD. (P) 6. Adding new command in u-boot. (P) 7. How to add new driver in u-boot. (P) Recorded Session-7.1

Recorded Session-7.2 ( Practicals)


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