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How STM32Cube can speed-up & simplify your Embedded System Design ?

If we recall our early days of MCU Programming with Kiel IDE and all the struggels which pops-up with need any special library/stack like  FileSystem, Network stack, Parsers  and  Protocols. Things changed a lot with time, embedded development tools now packages most of the things needed for an application development starting from free compilers, debuggers, software libraries need for specific application, one of such MagicBox “STM32Cube” we are going to explore along with STMicroelectronics FAE team. 

Microcontroller Programming has never been so easy and interesting with companion of very low cost development boards starting from $2.

Tune to us for an interesting interaction, let’s learn & discuss about your ideas & hurdles in your embedded / IoT product development. 

Session Details :

Date: July 16th, 2020

Time : 12PM - 1PM (60 Minutes), IST

Venue: Microsoft Teams


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