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PHYTEC's core products are off-the-shelf System on Module (SOMs) in support of advanced Arm Cortex devices. PHYTEC SOMs are a rapid, agile and long-term solution that enables product developers to:

Simplify Processes

Bring complex new products from initial evaluation to prototype and minimum viable product in weeks instead of months.

Streamline Development

Leverage the SOM across all phases of development, from initial evaluation to ramp to mass production.

Reduce Timelines

Eliminate 6 to 18 months from development timelines.

Inside Great Products. Behind Great Ideas.

PHYTEC embedded electronics are reliable, flexible, and scalable. They reduce design risk, in-field repair and maintenance costs to help bring products to market faster. PHYTEC Promotes Made In India IoT Solutions.


We offer

Computer Programming

software service

Leverage our expertise for your project and benefit from our flexible in-house production facility in Germany. With over 34 years of experience and 1000+ PCB assembly designs, our team is fully equipped to meet your requirements.

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